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H2O COMPANY LTD. 株式会社エイチ・ツー・オー カンパニー

Established in October 1990.

As a planning company commercializing Art and Entertainment intellectual property (IP), H2O has developed a wide range of businesses using a number of IPs under its own schemes such as: 

*More than 200 exhibitions, shops and auctions in Japan and abroad;

*Sports, fashion, live events, film distribution and advertising;

*Online stores;

*Product development, etc.

In this "J-ENTERTAINMENT” project, H2O is in charge of planning and producing the entire program and will introduce young entertainment artists with unique Japanese charms to the world.


Japan International Broadcasting Inc. (JIB) 株式会社日本国際放送(JIB)

JIB was established in April of 2008 as a subsidiary of Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK).

JIB is the official distribution agent for two international television services, "NHK WORLD/jibtv” and "NHK WORLD Premium.”

Serving a global audience, NHK WORLD/jibtvhas arranged its schedule to ensure that viewers are able to enjoy the full range of offerings no matter what theirtime zone may be. Programs, other than news, are broadcast in six-hour cycles.

NHK WORLD/jibtvis available to 24 hour coverage in approximately 323.7 million households in 160 regions and countries worldwide (As of September 30,2021), and is still expanding.

JIB provides around-the-clock coverage of Japanese culture, lifestyle, business, technology, fashion, and news to people around the world through measuressuch as distribution via Ku-band viewed with a small antenna, original development of VOD distribution via the Internet, etc.