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Broadcast on January 27, 2023

Actor and Singer attracting attention not only in Japan and Asia, but around the world.

Kitamura Takumi | Actor

Born on November 3, 1997 in Tokyo, Japan.

In 2008, made his film debut in "DIVE!." In 2001, formed the popular four-piece band "DISH//" as a vocalist and guitarist.
Won the 41st Japan Academy Award for Best New Actor for his role in the 2017 film "I Want to Eat Your Pancreas."
Since then, has appeared in a number of high-profile films, including "You Shine in the Moonlight" (2019), "Love Me, Love Me Not" (2020), "Tokyo Revengers" (2021), and "Tonbi" (2022).
Also, in 2023, the film "Scroll" will be released on February 3, and the film "Tokyo Revengers 2: Halloween in Blood" will be released in two parts,
the first part in Golden Week (a vacation week in May) and the second part in Summer.

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Broadcast on January 27, 2023. Posted on January 28, 2023.