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Introducing the producers, designers, and other notable creative staff.


  • Sato Hinata

    Voice actress / Actress / TV personality

    Born on December 23, 1998 in Niigata Prefecture. Belonging to AMUSE INC.
    Began performing career at an early age and joined AMUSE in 2006. From April 2010 to March 2014, Sato was a member of a limited growth period unit called "Sakura Gakuin.” Since graduation, has been active in multiple fields including TV, film, stage, and voice acting. In April 2014, made debut as a voice actress playing the role of Karasawa Rin in the TV animation "Kutsudaru" aired on NHK E-television and major works includes "Revue Starlight" (as Junna Hoshimi), "Love Live! Sunshine‼︎" (as Saint Snow / Kazuno Ria), "D4DJ" (as Photon Maiden / Noa Fukushima), "Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE! feat. Hatsune Miku" (Nightcord at 25:00/ played the role of Akiyama Mizuki).

  • Ikeda Hiroyuki

    Executive Producer

    Born in Nagoya, Japan. After working as a graphic designer, engaged in planning and advertising for many films at a film distribution company. In 1990, established H2O Company Ltd. focusing on mainly commercializing IP (intellectual properties) to produce numerous projects in Japan and overseas. Especially produced more than 200 exhibitions combining art and entertainment by original business models with own planning and self-financing rather than accepting order. In 1997, met martial artist Hickson Gracie, and together with Nobuyuki Sakakibara (now president of RIZIN) organized the mixed martial arts event "PRIDE" series. Afterward, commercialized a wide range of entertainment IP including "International Fashion Photo Festival”, "Character Expo”, “Disney’s Mickey Mouse Exhibition”, “Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Exhibition”. Also developed and manufactured a variety of products for markets such as amusement, environment, entertainment etc., in cooperation with group companies. With wealth of knowledge and experience in business with overseas countries, willing to introduce to the world Japan’s young artists with the potential to be active on the world stage, for Japan's future entertainment.

  • Shibata Tadashi

    Project Gyo Co., Ltd.(COO)
    Chief Producer

    Born in Aichi Prefecture.
    Was active as a rock band musician, mainly in live performances and recordings.
    Afterward worked as an event, music, and video producer.
    In 1980, established Ganeshi Kikaku Co., Ltd. and mainly involved in the event business like large exhibitions featuring the space/cosmos, GODZILLA, the Beatles, Charlie Chaplin, the Amazon River, Great White Shark, etc.
    In 1988, the company changed its name to Success Enterprises, Inc. and began editing dramas, directing for The Open University of Japan, dispatching researchers (60 people), and planning and producing Western music programs, such as "The Rolling Stones Tokyo Live," "Bruce Springsteen Special," "Fiona Apple Special,” "The Legendary Rock Music Compilation,” "The Complete Collection of Legendary Rock Superstars,” "The Legendary Guitarists.” (NHK)
    Other major producing artists including Norio Oku, Teddy Dan, Byakkotai, and Kiyohiko Ozaki.
    Currently the COO of Project GYO Co., Ltd., TV program production company.

  • Kobayashi Hiroyuki

    Art Director

    Born in 1959.
    Graduated from Waseda University.
    After working as a store manager at a restaurant-related company in the Seibu Distribution Group, involved in the opening of new stores as a staff member at the headquarters.
    In 1989, joined Wacoal Art Center, Inc. as a producer for the produce business at Spiral, a cultural complex in Aoyama, Tokyo.
    After serving as Director/Producer and Executive Director of Spiral/Wacoal Art Center, in 2014 appointed as Director of Spiral and CEO of Wacoal Art Center.
    In April 2020, retired from CEO of Wacoal Art Center, Inc. and became Director of Spiral.
    Since April 2021, working as the producer and advisor of Spiral, and the creative producer and president of KOBAYASHI PRODUCE INC.
    Has been involved in the production of various events and exhibitions inside and outside Spiral. Also involved in planning and consulting for facilities and urban development, as well as producing a wide range of cultural activities.

  • Nemoto Yasuhisa

    DigitalMotion Co., Ltd.(Creative Director)
    Character Animation

    Born in April 1st 1997.
    Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Letters, Sociology Course.While in school, I was involved in illustration, game production, graphic design, and event sound staff.
    Also, I joined Digital Motion Inc. and gained experience in 2D and 3D animation and 3D live production.
    After graduation, worked as a creative director, focusing on video production with Unity, motion production using motion capture, and direction of video and 3D models.
    I was also seconded to the Vietnam office for six months to provide technical training to the Vietnamese staff.
    Since childhood, I have been exposed to a wide variety of content due to my parents' influence, and despite my short history in the industry, I try to create content that is highly satisfying to both viewers/users and creators by utilizing my broad perspective on content.