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Broadcast on August 26, 2022

Winning the national championship as a high school student.
The first female professional gamer in "League of Legend,"
active as a pro gamer, model, and media personality.

Otomo Miyu | Pro gamer / Model / Media personality

As a professional gamer "Shakespeare", active in the "League of Legends" division of the professional gaming team "Rascal Jester".
The first woman in Japan to be promoted to a professional player in the game.
Winner of the "2nd and 3rd National High School esports Championships, League of Legends Division" and the "Coca-Cola STAGE:0 2020 League of Legends Division" while in high school.
Also a finalist in the "High School Girls Beauty Pageant 2019".


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Broadcast on August 26, 2022. Posted on August 27, 2022.