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Broadcast on August 26, 2022

Winning the national championship as a high school student.
The first female professional gamer in "League of Legend,"
active as a pro gamer, model, and media personality.

Otomo Miyu | Pro gamer / Model / Media personality

As a professional gamer "Shakespeare", active in the "League of Legends" division of the professional gaming team "Rascal Jester".
The first woman in Japan to be promoted to a professional player in the game.
Winner of the "2nd and 3rd National High School esports Championships, League of Legends Division" and the "Coca-Cola STAGE:0 2020 League of Legends Division" while in high school.
Also a finalist in the "High School Girls Beauty Pageant 2019".


QTell us, how did you get involved with gaming?
ABoth of my parents are gamers. I started playing games when I was 3 or 4 years old, like Pokémon and computer games. Gaming was a normal part of life for me.
QHow did you begin playing "League of Legends"?
AI was in my first year of junior high school. I liked somebody and they played "League of Legends". They invited me to play. So I did. And the rest is history.
QWhat made you want to participate in the All Japan High School Esports Championship?
AI truly just loved "League of Legends". So I was interested in participating in a tournament. Also, there was school. I thought it would be faster to study on my own. So I switched schools and entered the tournament.
QHow did things change for you after winning the All Japan High School Esports Championship?
AI realized something: Doing the things you want to do leads to the most happiness.
QWhat makes "League of Legends" special or fun to you?
AThrough the game, I meet a lot of new types of people. I think that's one fun aspect. Also, it's fun to find people who share your interests or ideas.
QWhat are you doing for the future of esports?
AI'm teaching junior high schoolers and high schoolers to game. I try to teach in a gentle way. I hope to help more and more people learn about esports.
QThank you so much for your time, Miyu!
I hope you're able to share the fun of esports with lots of people!
AThanks for watching!