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Hight School Student

Every broadcast, a popular high-school influencer 
makes a guest appearance to choose AI’s outfit.


Broadcast on August 26, 2022

Current high school model,
active as fashion icon for high brands


Born on May 14, 2004, in Tokyo.

Model and Media personality.
Hobbies and special skills are singing.
Taking advantage of her height of 167cm, active as a fashion icon, attending the launch parties of high-end brands such as "PRADA" and "Burberry" etc.

Fashion Style Broadcast

Mixing Beautiful & Casual.

Trendy sheet tops. The skirt and sandals are beautiful, but the T-shirt gives it a casual look.
The cute necklace is also a point in today’s outfit.

Tops:miette / Mule:CHARLES & KEITH


Broadcast on July 29, 2022

Love Cows! Active with unique cheerful groove and fashion!

Shinto Mari

Appeared in ABEMA's romantic reality show “kyou, suki-ni-narimashita (Fell in Love Today). -Graduation 2021/ Suzuran”. The personal clothing incorporating cows in the show became a hot topic of conversation! Active as an influencer and YouTuber with her unique cheerful groove and fashion. Also has been active in a wide range of fields, starting music career in January 2022 to release an original song in June 2022.
Date of birth: January 21, 2005
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 157cm
Blood type: O
Special ability:Cow care

Fashion Style Broadcast


Hi, I'm Shinto Mari.
I styled Ai's outfit today. Look, we match!
I matched the cowprint with the color of the dress and shoes.
And also, the length of this outfit is important this time.
I hope you all find it useful for today’s outfit!