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Broadcast on November 25, 2022

Japan's world-class entertainment with long, long history
built one by one, through accumulation of daily practice

Kosen / Kokinu | Geiko / Maiko

KOSEN / Geiko
Date of birth : December 12th, 1989
Place of birth : Shizuoka pref.
Debut as Maiko : May 11th, 2006
From Maiko to Geiko : June 5th, 2011
KOKINU / Maiko
Date of birth: September 23, 2004
Place of birth: Mie Prefecture
Maiko debut : September 28, 2021
[ Reference ] On stage, Ozashiki (dinner party in tatami room), at international exchanges, ceremonies, etc. "Geiko" or "Maiko" entertain by performing traditional Japanese arts. "Maiko" is positioned as an apprentice before becoming "Geiko".


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Broadcast on November 25, 2022. Posted on November 26, 2022.