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Broadcast on November 25, 2022

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built one by one, through accumulation of daily practice

Kosen / Kokinu | Geiko / Maiko

KOSEN / Geiko
Date of birth : December 12th, 1989
Place of birth : Shizuoka pref.
Debut as Maiko : May 11th, 2006
From Maiko to Geiko : June 5th, 2011
KOKINU / Maiko
Date of birth: September 23, 2004
Place of birth: Mie Prefecture
Maiko debut : September 28, 2021
[ Reference ] On stage, Ozashiki (dinner party in tatami room), at international exchanges, ceremonies, etc. "Geiko" or "Maiko" entertain by performing traditional Japanese arts. "Maiko" is positioned as an apprentice before becoming "Geiko".


QKosen-san, what steps did you have to take in order to become a geiko?
AI started off as a "shikomi-san," or an apprentice. I lerned how to speak and conduct myself, as well as how to dance. I lived in an "okiya (A house where maiko live)." After a year, I became a maiko, like Kokinu is now. I was a maiko until I was about 20 years old. At the age of 21, I finally became a fully-fledged geiko.
QI've heard that your clothing, hair, and makeup changes during different stages of your training.
AMaiko wear their own natural hair. It’s worn up, like Kokinu does now. The hair ornaments, or "kanzashi," change monthly. You can feel the passage of seasons just by looking at the "kanzashi." Maiko have long sleeves, and a long belt, "obi." The sleeves can be tucked up or left down for different styles. Geiko wear wigs in a hairstyle called "shimada." Kimono have shorter sleeves, and often look more modern. Geiko look like adult women of the past.
QKokinu-san, what does your training look like?
AI’m practicing Classical Japanese dance, singing, musical instrument, cue as well as tea ceremony.
QCan you tell us about where we could go to meet maiko and geiko in real life?
AEach April, we put on an event called "Miyako Odori." The performance hall, "Gion Kobe Kaburenjo," will reopen this year. So, "Miyako Odori" in April 2023 will be the first performance there.
QThe borders have reopened and many tourists will be returning to Kyoto. What are you two most looking forward to?
AI hope people will enjoy the capture of Geiko and Maiko. I would also like them to experience other parts of traditional culture.
(Kokinu) I hope to become a maiko that people will want to come see again.